In Remembrance: Marina Tenud

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While looking for “missing” classmates, we found out that Marina Tenud left us in 1995. (December 21, 1950 – December 18, 1995). If you have any information to contribute to our loss of Marina, please let Linda know ( Thank... Read More

In Remembrance: Clara Collondrez

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A few of us have confirmed on Facebook that Clara Collondrez Dawson has left us. We were hoping to reach out to her for our upcoming reunion and instead happened upon this sad news. If anyone has a memory or thought they would like to share, please send it to Linda... Read More

In Remembrance: Jim Wallace

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Sadly, we lost Jim Wallace the morning of January 26, 2019. Mary Tibbats (Mary Smith Wright) was close friends with Jim and says, “He was and always will be close in my heart.” See the Announcements page for Mary’s... Read More

In Remembrance: Roger Casias

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Sadly, Roger Casias was recently reported as having left us. His brother-in-law is our classmate, Kirk Ruebenson. (Roger was married to Kirk’s sister.) Roger’s sister Phyllis was kind enough to share that Roger had one brother and one sister, along with 4 children and 10 grandchildren. Roger was born April 26, 1951, and passed away... Read More

In Remembrance: Arthur Antuna

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Doris reported that Arthur Antuna’s sister confirmed Arthur’s 2009 death. No more details are known. There is no photo in any of our four yearbooks, and only his name is given in our senior yearbook. If anyone has more information, or an obituary, please let me know. Thanks.... Read More

In Remembrance: Ed Lazzerini

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We just found out that sadly Ed Lazzerini left us April 25, 2011. He is remembered as a nice person and good friend at Westmoor. He will be... Read More

In Remembrance: Kenneth Tonnissen

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Ken died in December 2018, and he is sadly missed by his good friend who said he was a guitar picker who knew a billion bluegrass, country, jazz, and jug band tunes, and he sang ’em all with gusto. See more about Ken in the Announcements page of this... Read More

It’s Almost 50 Years Since 1969!

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NOW ACCEPTING CHECKS AND ROOM RESERVATIONS FOR OUR 50-YEAR REUNION! We’ve got the date and time, we’ve announced the hotel–we’ve got it going, but we need you to send in a check NOW! Here’s how! Click here to see our special Reunion... Read More

In Remembrance: Divi Fajardin

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Divi left us in 2013, per Jack Fuller, also a classmate and her husband of six years. Originally from Calama, Chile, she lived on Wildwood Dr. in Westlake with her aunt and uncle. Jack and she met senior year in Mr. Nissin’s art class. She was a jewelry... Read More

In Remembrance: Terrie Stevenson

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Terrie Stevenson Powers died in the summer of 2017. Until recently, Terrie was a cocktail waitress at Joe’s of Westlake for 30+ years. She lived in Broadmoor until her death, and walked with a limp due to a car accident. Gary Fleischauer was so enamored of her that at age six he’d have married her.... Read More

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