In Remembrance: Joe Arnke

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Sadly, Joe Arnke, a classmate and friend, has died. He passed away on August 16, 2016, at the age of 65, and was employed by Arnke Iron Works for more than 30 years. He is remembered as a generous and kind friend. See Joe’s obituary in The San Francisco Chronicle. See our class Facebook page... Read More

In Remembrance: Steve Powell

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We lost Steve March 18, 2016. Remembering him is easy to do. He was #75 on the Ram varsity football team and is seen throughout our 1969 yearbook. He’s pictured running through Westmoor’s campus holding hands with Barbara Herring, but he and Chris Noero were married for 40-plus years. See Steve’s obituary. See our class Facebook page for stories and... Read More

2015 Get-together

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It was a sensational evening when we celebrated turning 64 years young. See the Events section for info and photos. There’s also some commentary in Announcements. See the page for the 2015 dinner. Scroll down to see... Read More

In Remembrance: Mike Milon

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Emanual “Mike” Milon died May 29, 2014, leaving many sad family and friends behind. See the Announcements section for more information on Mike’s passing. He usually came to our reunions and other get-togethers, and he will be sadly... Read More

In Remembrance: Lorraine Siegel

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We lost Lorraine to lung cancer October 15, 2013. What a loss of a happy, wonderful person who, with her husband Rudy Rosenthal of our class, came to almost every reunion and get-together we had. She will be sadly missed. See her... Read More

In Remembrance: Gary Brown

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Passed away April 23, 2011, in Sacramento, California, three days after his 60th birthday. He helped us celebrate our class reunions many times and will be sorely missed. See Gary’s... Read More

Other memories by Bruce Pope

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“We won the game. It was a home game but I don’t remember who we played. The bandage on my hand and the blood on me places the photo for me. I had gone out for a pass. I missed it and my hands slid across the grass. When I returned to the huddle I... Read More

Westmoor vs. Jefferson by Nick Nicolas

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“Jefferson High School was our cross town rival in all sports. In October 1968, when the football game between Jeff and Westmoor was to be played, a few senior students decided that a symbol of school spirit should somehow be shown. This meant the tradition of putting a huge “W” on San Bruno Mountain. It... Read More

Some Westmoor memories by Rick Knobloch

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It was late in my Sophomore year that I broke out of my shell a little with Mario’s help. When I got to Westmoor, I was surprised to see no guys on the squad. El Camino had male cheerleaders and pompom girls. At a basketball game, Mario was sitting behind me in the stands and... Read More

Your Memories

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Got a story to share from high school? Here’s your space. Just fill out the contact form in Contact... Read More

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