2006 January Dinner

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Boulevard Cafe

(The old Lyon’s restaurant on John Daly Boulevard)
2 Poncetta Drive, Daly City

Attendance list:

  • Anne Hochstedler
  • Barbara Redden
  • Bruce Pope
  • Cynthia Montoya
  • Dave Bauer and wife Liz
  • Dave Martinelli
  • Diane Maniates
  • Donna Vanderbeugle
  • Doris Korn Walker
  • Gary Brown and friend Corky
  • Jackie Prince
  • Judy Katuna (Class of 1970)
  • Karin Wendriner
  • Kathy Williams
  • Linda Katuna
  • Lorraine Siegel
  • Louise Giusto and friend George
  • Michael Reynard
  • Nick Nicolas
  • Nina Liston and husband Dino
  • Pat Guillen
  • Ralph Hutchens and wife Noreen (Class of 1970)
  • Rudy Rosenthal
  • Sharon Rudolph

It was a rainy, cold night with lots of fog and easy to remember we were in Daly City!

The old Lyon’s restaurant on John Daly Blvd. was a terrific place to hold a class party. The new restaurant, Boulevard Cafe, had delicious food and plenty of it!

At the 2000 reunion in South San Francisco, Michael Reynard asked classmates to sign his 1969 Westmoor yearbook. At the January 28 dinner, he did the same.

An auction of a few items donated by classmates helped raise money for our Website. Thank you to:

  • Nina for 2 boxes of beautiful greeting cards that she created with her gorgeous, award-winning art
  • Michael for a signed copy of his book, “Money Secrets of the Rich and Famous”
  • Bruce and Dave for winning the bids

Donations of cash were welcomed, too, and many thanks for contributions from:

  • Louise Giusto
  • Anne Hochstedler
  • Ralph & Noreen Hutchens
  • Nina Liston
  • Rosa Gomez (unable to attend)
  • Donna Vanderbeugle