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It’s Almost 50 Years Since 1969!

NOW ACCEPTING CHECKS AND ROOM RESERVATIONS FOR OUR 50-YEAR REUNION! We’ve got the date and time, we’ve announced the hotel–we’ve got it going, but... Read More

In Remembrance: Divi Fajardin

Divi left us in 2013, per Jack Fuller, also a classmate and her husband of six years. Originally from Calama, Chile, she lived on... Read More

In Remembrance: Terrie Stevenson

Terrie Stevenson Powers died in the summer of 2017. Until recently, Terrie was a cocktail waitress at Joe’s of Westlake for 30+ years. She... Read More

2017 Luncheon: A Huge Success!

Four hours at Joe’s of Westlake on a Saturday afternoon was barely long enough for our friendly group to be together. Needless to say,... Read More

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