2019 50-Year Reunion

*Click here: 50th Reunion Program (Special thanks to Gordon Gray for his beautiful graphic design work.)

*Professional pictures from our 50-Year Reunion, September 14, 2019. Click here: Photos (Special thanks to Maureen and son-in-law, Mike Doto.)

*Photobooth photos. Click here: Photobooth shots (password = anza)

*Photos by Jack Fuller. Click here: Jack’s pictures

(Thank you so much, Jack)

*Video. This played in a continuous loop during the reunion. Click here: Youtube video

*More pictures and much discussion is on our private Facebook group page. Click here: FB. Ask to JOIN if you are not already a member. (You are missing a lot if you are not a Facebook participant!)

September 14, 2019, is one of those dates that more than 100 of we Rams who attended the dinner-dance will talk about. “Where were you that day? Who did you see? What did you wear? Who did you talk to?” It was an absolutely magical evening. Read the comments and join in the fun on our Westmoor 1969 Facebook group page.

Here’s the list of those who attended:

Anne Catechi
Anne Hochstedler
Barbara Borras
Barbara Herring
Barbara “Sam” (Samuelsen) Wilhelm
Becky (Kleutsch) Greenberg
Becky (Milam) Dreger
Bertha Pineda de Salazar
Bob Abbott
Brian Tinsley
Bruce Pope
Candy Sousa
Cathy (Meade) Fitzgerald
Celeste Varas de Valdes
Charlie Freiberg
Chris Hill
Chris (Noero) Powell
Chris Speros
Christine deSouza
Christine (Navarro) Sheraton
Cynthia (Montoya) Paniagua
Dan Montelongo
Darlene Lewkowitz
Dave Bauer (Committee member)
David Martinelli
David Siegel
David Spieth
Deb (Bingaman) Moe
Denise (Minetto) Galway
Diane (Maniates) Jones
Donna Case
Donna Chiolo
Ed deLuna
Eddie Levine
Gail (Bodmer) Shady
Gary Magee
Gene Guzman
Gordon Gray
Gordy Contreras
Jack Fuller
Jackie (Prince) Cummings
James “Skip” Bravos
Jane (Greely) McAfee
Janet Bolger
Janet West
Janis (Karp) Schneider
Jim Moynihan
Jim Torlakson
Jim Viglizzo
Jo (Bertken) Sharp
Joan (Salomon) Giagni
Joe Imbriani
Joel Carrara
Karen (Hayner) Compton
Karin (Wendriner) Hahn
Kathy (Navarra) Rose
Kathy (Tognetti) Ceriello
Keith Winikoff
Ken Fithian
Kris (Alexander) Orton
Linda Ertassi
Linda (Katuna) Harvey (Committee chairperson)
Linda (Pascucci) Harris
Liz (Bingaman) Davis
Lori (Corbett) Kramer
Louise Giusto
Lynne Roddy
Mary (Tibbats) Wright
Maureen (Allen) Fish (Committee member)
Michael Goicovich
Michael Reynard, M.D.
Michael Thompson (Committee member)
Mike Brown
Mike Clabby
Nick Nicolas
Nina (Liston) Bonos
Noella (Livingstone) Markovich
Pam (Langlow) Mahoney
Pat (Guillen) Martinelli
Pat Kelly-Powers
Paul Bromley
Paul Conwell
Paul Galway
Peter Markovich
Ralph Hutchens
Randall (Randy) De Mattei
Rich Polonsky
Rick Karp
Rob Hamburger
Robert de Kelaita
Rochelle “Shelley” (Cohen) Ware
Ron York
Rudy Rosenthal
Sandy Rabinowitch
Sharon (Rudolph) Bendz
Stephen Ehat
Steve Hurley (Committee member)
Steve Long
Steve Minkin (Committee member)
Susan (Vieira) Milton
Sylvia Vannucchi
Teresa (Wright) Cruz
Wilma “Willie” (Yardley) Lombardo

Future get-togethers? Help us find more classmates. They’re not really missing; we just need to know a current email address. Here’s the list: http://westmoor1969.com/missing-classmates/ Send any contact info to Linda (lindakbuckley@yahoo.com)