2006 Summer Luncheon

Back row Rudy Rosenthal, Lorraine Segal Rosenthal, Linda Katuna, Sharon Rudolph, Edward Draeger, Peggy Cotter Seated, left to right Dave Bauer, Gary Brown, Becky Milam Draeger

2006 Summer Luncheon

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Armadillo Willy’s

A small group met for the summer gathering on Sunday, September 10, at Armadillo Willy’s BBQ Grill in Los Altos. We had our own room, and enjoyed talking and reminiscing for three hours. Becky and her husband Edward drove down from Oregon just for our event and only for the weekend. It took them 12 hours each way, but they were happy to be there, and we were happy to see them. They shared heartwarming photos of their family, including their new grandson, Logan.

Sharon’s in great form, having lost 60+ pounds since we saw her last at the January dinner. But she’s not the only one: Peggy, Rudy, and Lorraine have dropped the pounds, too. However…the food at the restaurant was tempting and delicious, and Linda’s homemade chocolate chip brownies didn’t help diminish appetities, that’s for sure!

Sharon reports that she’s a new grandmother to a baby girl born just last weekend. Gary’s daughter is getting married, Linda’s son starts Harvard grad school tomorrow (giving a new and happier meaning to Sept. 11), Dave’s three kids are keeping him busy, and Peggy and her daughter recently discovered the fun of nail salon services. Sharon uncovered that she has known Rudy’s father, a baker, for many years. Rudy and Lorraine are living on Highland Drive, so there was some lively Daly City discussion, too.