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Let’s find our classmates!

Nineteen sixty-nine was a long time ago. It was way before the Internet and way before social media and cell phones and all the technology that makes our lives better in some ways and difficult in others. As time has gone on (flown by, don’t you agree?), we’ve lost a lot of people to the vast, wide world. Those in the Missing list on this website aren’t likely physically missing. It’s just that we don’t know how to contact them. We need an email address to send them an evite invitation. In some cases, our classmates don’t have email addresses because they never learned computers, but that’s not a problem. Anyone who needs printouts is sent them. We just need to know those names and addresses.

Help us by reporting email addresses. Send names and email addresses to

Help us by sending in your check today! (Thank you if you already have done so!) Click here.

The Missing list is at

Thank you!!

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